Product Brochures

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Dunnage Bags

4 Trans is the optimal solution for load securement and void fill in multiple modes of transportation.

Level 1 dunnage airbag is a reusable bag for cargo securement in over the road transportation and intermodal shipments.

Level 3/4/5 dunnage airbags are heavy-duty dunnage bags for cargo securement of goods transported in rail cars.

Dually bag is the ultimate replacement for the square bag, used in applications with voids larger than 12”.

B-52 dunnage bag is ​specifically designed to provide sufficient coverage in large void applications.​

Inflation Tools

The Portable Air Master PAM™ by Cargo Tuff™ is the ultimate portable inflation tool in the industry. 

Plastic Premium Inflator is our premium fibre based inflation tool with or without a digital gauge. 

All our inflator tools are modular by design. This means that all the different inflation fill heads or tips are interchangeable among all the inflation tools.

Other Products

Tuff Wrap™ is a cargo securement system to secure palletized or bulk product in truck or container shipments.

Container lashings are fabricated securement systems made with 100% Polyester straps and steel safety hooks, designed for use in 20' and 40' ocean containers.

Single Drum Securement is our fast, efficient, affordable solution for securing one or two 55 gallon steel drums to a pallet.

AAR Verifications

CargoTuff Level 1 dunnage airbag AAR verification.

CargoTuff Level 2 dunnage airbag AAR verification.

CargoTuff Level 3 dunnage airbag AAR verification.

CargoTuff Level 4 dunnage airbag AAR verification.

CargoTuff Level 5 dunnage airbag AAR verification.

CargoTuff Dually Bag AAR verification.

CargoTuff Tuff Wrap AAR verification.

CargoTuff Sqaure Bag AAR verification.