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Load Manager Mobile App

Our mobile application for shipment storing and sharing.

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CargoTuff Load Manager is our brand-new mobile application designed to help you integrate sustainability into your load securement processes, improve the quality of your shipment tracking, and generate documentation that meets all regulatory requirements. 

CargoTuff Load Manager is available to download directly from the App Store and Google Play free of charge!  


Click on the links below to start your download:

  • Click here for App Store.

  • Click here for Google Play.

Key Benefits of CargoTuff Load Manager:
  • Helps you manage pictures of your inbound and outbound loads

  • Supports your reuse ad recycling processes

  • Ease of access to all your employees

Manage Pictures of Inbound and Outbound Loads

Users of the CargoTuff Load Manager can use the app to take pictures, document and share information about their shipments. The app automatically generates predefined load securing reports that accompany the transport and allows to be shared with business partners or regulators as needed.

  • Customers can take pictures of the load and enter detailed information about the shipment (Bill of Lading Number, Container/Trailer Number, Destination, Packaging and many other).

  • Pictures are now associated with specific loads, making it easy to retrieve pictures of past loads.

  • The app automatically generates a report with this information that is saved on the My Shipments page. The user can share it as a shipment using the app to other app users or share it as a pdf report to non-users.


This feature will effectively support your employees with their tasks, automatically generate required documentation and allow key stakeholders to track shipment conditions.

How to Upload Photos, Input Information on the Shipment and Share with Colleagues:

  1. Click on Start New Shipment on the homepage.

  2. Input information and add photos at the final step.

  3. When the report is ready, click Share and select method of sharing to send it to someone.

  4. Report can be accessed from My Shipments.

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Improve Your Reuse and Recycling Processes:

Customers registered to the CargoTuff Load Manager can use the app to determine the reusability of their CargoTuff dunnage bags. We’ve added QR codes on our Level 1 airbag labels that will allow an operator to determine whether a bag can be re-used. To determine the reusability of an airbag, the user will click on QR Bag Scanner page on the app and scan the QR code on the label on an inbound shipment. The code will identify whether the bag can be reused or should be recycled:

  • If the bag was used less than 6 times, the user will see a green screen with happy face explaining the bag can be reused.

  • If the bag was used more than 6 times, the user will see a yellow screen with a sad face, explaining the bag cannot be reused and needs to be recycled.

Through this feature, we are aiming to help you embed sustainability into your shipment processes and decision-making.

How to Determine the Reusability of a CargoTuff Level 1 Dunnage Bag:

  1. Click on QR Bag Scanner on the homepage.

  2. Scan the barcode on your Level 1 airbag label.

  3. The next screen will let you know how many times the bag was used and whether it can be reused or needs to be recycled.

  4. You can reuse the airbag if the green screen appears.

  5. Recycle the airbag is the yellow screen appears.

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Ease of Access to All Your Employees

While designing the app, we made sure that all features are easily accessible by all types of users. Each page on the app is clearly titled by its purpose, and everything can be accessed from the homepage. We believe the user-friendly interface will allow all stakeholders involved in a shipment to easily integrate CargoTuff Load Manager into their daily tasks.

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