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We take the safety of your products and the people throughout your supply chain, very seriously.

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CargoTuff is committed to compliance. We take the safety of your products and the people throughout your supply chain, very seriously.


Dunnage airbags are NOT all the same.  We are committed to making products that consistently outperform industry standards, as well as any comparable products offered by our competitors. As the only vertically integrated dunnage bag manufacturer, we have the ability to control the quality of the yarn that is used to produce our fabric and the liner that holds the air of our dunnage bags.


Our quality control standards are extremely stringent. Especially on our heavy-duty airbags in level 2 through 5, where we test and control the quality of 100% of our finished production. This allows us to build products that consistently exceed minimum performance standards by a margin that is often greater than 10%. This significantly increases the safety factors of our bags. When an operator inflates a bag in a void, using Cargo Tuff airbags and tools, they can be assured that the risk of the bag bursting during filling is eliminated. Furthermore, the risk of the bag failing, and the load shifting is also minimized. 

We comply with all industry standards and regulations as determined by independent third parties to meet or exceed the 19-day leak tests, minimum burst levels, and recommended applications.


Furthermore, our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and product development ensures that we continue to bring new products to market to help our customers be successful.


Part of our service is to work with our customers in developing their own standard operating procedures in conjunction with the use of our products to ensure a safe and reliable supply chain.


Using a CargoTuff product means that you can rest assured that no short cuts have been taken and that your company can stay in compliance.

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