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Tuff Trucker Kit

Our convenient solution to secure your loads during transit.

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Tuff Trucker Kit is the perfect cargo securement solution for independent truckers, carriers and moving companies.

Each Tuff Trucker kit includes:

  • Each Tuff Trucker kit includes:

  • PAM 2.0 portable inflator with 2 batteries, charger and inflation hose with quick connect tip

  • 8 Level 1 dunnage bags in a variety of sizes

    • 2 x Level 1 36x48

    • 2 x Level 1 48x48

    • 2 x Level 1 36x84

    • 2 x Level 1 48x84

  • A custom designed carry bag to house and protect your equipment.

Click here to download the PDF for more details.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient solution to have airbags and a portable inflator with you whenever you need to secure your loads.

  • Save costs by allowing the reuse of airbags. You can easily replace used airbags in the kit.

  • Suitable for independent drivers, moving companies and more.

  • The bag is an added benefit for storage of dunnage bags purchased later on.

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Tuff Trucker Kit
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