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Auto Inflator

Designed for use with heavyweight dunnage bags that require a high operating pressure.

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Auto Inflator is the latest patent pending innovation by CargoTuff. This device was specifically designed for use with heavyweight dunnage bags that require a high operating pressure. The primary objective of the Auto Inflator is to provide a safer alternative to automatically fill dunnage bags with minimal operator assistance to a preset required internal bag pressure on a consistent basis. The Auto Inflator will increase productivity, safety and ensure that your loads are in compliance with industry standards. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Max. Outlet Air Pressure: 50 PSI

  • Volume Flow Rate: 0.566 m3/min           

  • Overall Dimensions (mm): 135x197x103 mm      

  • Net Weight: 520 gr        

  • Voltage (V): 12 V            

  • Battery: Li-On 12 V 1000 mAh   

  • Continuous Work Time: 15 hrs  

  • Charging Time: 7.5 hrs  

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Why should you use the Auto Inflator?

Increased productivity:

Traditional Gauged Inflator                                                        vs.                                      CargoTuff Auto Inflator

  • Operator must hold the inflator and monitor gauge until desired pressure is reached. 

  • Some inflation tools take a significant amount of time to inflate.

  • Safety concerns for operator being this close to a bag that requires high internal pressure.

  • Actual operating pressures vary depending on how accurate the operator is with reading the gauge.

  • Due to concerns for potential injuries from a bag bursting during inflation, operators tend to under-inflate bags, increasing the risk for a compromised load.

  • Operator connects hose to the dunnage bag, programs the desired pressure, starts the inflation and walks away to tend to other tasks.

  • Built-in venturi system increases speed.

  • Operator does not need to be near the dunnage bag during inflation.

  • Every bag is inflated to the correct operating pressure as per the customers’ requirements ensuring better load performance.

  • The Auto Inflator will restart automatically when a drop in pressure is sensed, pressurizing the bag to the desired pressure once again. 

Dunnage bag conditioning:

After a heavy-duty dunnage bag is pressurized, it is normal for the internal pressure of the bag to gradually reduce to a certain level because of conditioning (stretch) of the materials of the bag. Topping up the bag to achieve the required pressure can be critical to ensure load integrity. The Auto Inflator will automatically start again as soon as the internal pressure drops, to once again top-up the bag to the required operating pressure. This ensures that your loads will leave your facility with the correct internal pressure, every time!


  • Frees the operator up to prep the next load while the bags are inflating.

  • Eliminates risk of injury or damage to cargo due to overinflation.

  • A simple and clear user interface allows for easy pressure selection and operation.

  • Powered by a high-capacity lithium battery that requires minimal recharging.

  • Powerful magnets allow for the unit to be attached to any metal surface.

  • An emergency shut off allows for the system to be turned off instantly.

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