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Dually Bag

The ultimate replacement for square bags.

Dually bag.jpg

The ultimate replacement for square bags, used in applications with voids larger than 12”.

Technical Benefits:

  • Verified Level 1 bags

  • Independently verified by the AAR for method F-7 applications

  • Operating Pressure = 2.8 PSI

  • Burst Pressure = > 8 PSI

  • Safety Factor = 3X

  • Large surface coverage for maximum pressure exertion in large voids = better load force ratio

  • Higher burst pressure = Overall better performance

  • Verified pressure retention

Click here to download the PDF for more details.

What are the benefits of using Dually Bag vs Square Bag?

  • Significant cost savings

  • Lighter and easier to handle than square bag

  • Fills quickly with dual inflation system or traditional single hose

  • Gauge allows for accurate pressure measurement

  • High burst pressure allows for increased safety during installation

  • Significant increase in pallet quantities = lower freight costs and less storage space required

  • Creates a true bulkhead

  • Can be reused on over the road applications


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