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Meet Tuff Wrap™ by Cargo Tuff

We’d like to present to you Tuff Wrap™ by Cargo Tuff, a superior product that offers total load securement to your truck or container shipments. Below you will find key information on its usage and benefits. Thank you for reading!

Tuff Wrap™ by Cargo Tuff

Tuff Wrap is an innovative cargo securement solution designed to secure palletized or bulk product in truck or container shipments. The system consisting of two dunnage bags, coated with a proprietary anti-slip adhesive that are connected with an upper tarp and a rear tarp. Tuff Wrap is placed over the cargo with the dunnage bags hanging down in between the sidewall of the container and product. The bags are inflated and pressurized to a point where the inflated bags place tension on the top and rear tarp. The cargo is now secured for lateral movement with the dunnage bags and from longitudinal and vertical movement with the tarps. Tuff Wrap is approved by the AAR for F-4 load securement of case goods.

Key Benefits of Using Tuff Wrap:

  • Efficient:

    • It takes less than 5 minutes to install

    • The system braces an entire load with just two units

    • It is easy to remove on the receiving end

  • Economic:

    • It is cost effective to secure your cargo using Tuff Wrap

  • Multi-functional:

    • Can be used on a broad range of commodities

Please reach out to us if you’d like to receive more information! We’ll gladly walk you through on how your organization can leverage Tuff Wrap.

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