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Meet CargoTuff Airbag Compactor

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

At CargoTuff we are continuously investigating ways to improve the daily operations of our customers. It is our priority to contribute to your success. This month, we are back with another innovation. We’ve been working on a product for the past year that we believe will streamline your operations. Meet the new patent pending CargoTuff Airbag Compactor, our new tool to help you deflate and compact used airbags for reuse or recycling. CargoTuff Airbag Compactor will not only allow your employees to tend to other tasks while it manages the deflation process on its own, but it will also support your sustainability initiatives. Keep reading to find out about its features in detail.

Introducing CargoTuff Airbag Compactor

We know that it can be a challenge to deflate used airbags. It is a process that requires significant time and effort. We built CargoTuff Airbag Compactor as a solution to this challenge. It is a cost-efficient and effective new way to deflate your used airbags.

Why should you or your customers use this tool?

Easy installation and operation

  • Pressing plate can be tilted up easily to insert used airbags into the Gaylord Box

  • Loading ramp and guides are attached to both sides of bottom platform allowing effective loading and removal of Gaylord Box

  • Remote controls for operation ensures safety of operator

  • Allows operator to tend to other tasks while CargoTuff Airbag compactor deflates the airbags

Robust construction

  • Safety shields provide occupational health and safety

  • Pressure is realized by weight of pressing plate only

  • Gaylord box is filled from the top after pressing plate is moved to top position

  • Sensitive compression will prevent any damage to the airbags

In addition to all the benefits listed above, CargoTuff Airbag Compactor will also support your sustainability efforts. As you know, we launched the CargoTuff Load Manager mobile app in January, which allows you to scan the RFIQ code on your Level 1 airbags and determine whether an airbag can be reused or needs to be recycled. When an airbag is determined to be reusable, the operator can place it on the CargoTuff Airbag Compactor and push the button on the deflate the bag for reuse. This way, you can collect your reusable bags in a Gaylord box, deflate and effectively manage your reuse process. Alternatively, if an airbag has reached its end-of-life cycle, it can be placed in a dedicated compactor for recycling.

We are currently offering this in a beta test environment with limited availability only. Please contact your sales representative if you are interested in participating.

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