Tuff Wrap™   

Our latest Patent Pending innovation and a superior product that offers total load securement to your truck or container shipments. 

 What is it? 
  • 2 Level 2 grade Cargo Tuff dunnage air bags

  • A proprietary anti-slip coating on the outside of the dunnage air bags

  • A horizontal tarp that connects to the two dunnage bags over the top of the cargo

  • A vertical tarp that connects to the two dunnage bags across the back end of the cargo

 How does it work? 
  • The entire system is positioned over the cargo. (See video below)

  • The dunnage bags are inflated on both sides alternately. The pressure in the bags, causes the anti-slip coating on the bags to adhere to the sidewall of the trailer/container, thereby increasing the coefficient of friction.

  • The pressurization of the bags also puts tension on the upper and rear tarp. This tension provides significant downward bracing on the cargo as well as rearward bracing, thereby creating a bulkhead which locks in the entire load. 

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to install.

  • Cost effective

  • Brace an entire load with two units. 

  • Can be used on a broad range of commodities

  • Easy to remove on receiving end

Tilt Test Video - Single Stack
Installation Video
Tilt Test Video - Double Stack

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