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NEW Container Lashing systems by CargoTuff

After several months of development, CargoTuff is pleased to present the new container lashing systems: Red Lash, Pro Lash and Eco Lash. We are committed to innovative, new product development and our new container lashing series have been designed to cater to different needs for securing cargo in container shipments.

Key Benefits of our new Container Lashings:

- CTU code conformity

- Height-adjustable and extendable

- Increased safety - Minimizes the risk of injuries when containers are opened

- Storage - Requires less space than other securement products

- Available in small pack-outs

Below you will find detailed information on the features and benefits of each new product.

Red Lash

Easy to use, affordable and effective, our new Red Lash series has a proven history with customers in the international market. It is the ultimate solution in cargo securement of products in container shipments.

Red Lash has been developed using high-quality components and is delivered pre-assembled. The vertical adjustment option enables precise positioning of the horizontal straps. You have the option to select either 2 or 3 horizontal straps for your lashing configuration. This should be determined by the type of product you are securing.

Pro Lash

Pro Lash by CargoTuff is recommended for securing your heaviest and most valuable cargo in containers. Our pre-assembled restraint systems for container shipments secure your goods effectively and ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination damage free.

This system is effective in the securement of barrels, big bags, IBCs, wooden boxes or many other heavy products in shipping containers. Pro Lash is our fastest and most flexible installation system.

Eco Lash

We developed Eco Lash as a solution for securing your lightweight goods in containers. This system is perfect for securing your goods in containers, railroad cars or on flat racks. The lashing strap is customizable; during loading, you can cut the strap to your required length. When used with cardboard edge protectors, this system is easily customizable to your specific load.

Eco Lash is our most cost-effective lashing solution. If you prefer pre-assembled restraint systems, we recommend our Red Lash or Pro Lash systems.

Our new lashings series will soon be available on our online store in small quantities. If you’re interested in purchasing larger quantities, contact us to find the product most suitable for your needs.Please click to view the new lashing videos or product brochures.

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