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The State of Our Industry

Nearly every organization is experiencing significant price increases, unprecedented freight increases, supply chain shortages and product delays. Why is this happening and what is CargoTuff doing to minimize the impact on your business?

Unprecedented times:

We now understand how the arrival of Covid-19 has created serious disruptions in both personal and professional lives, but why all the shipping delays, container shortages and astronomical freight increases? The following link to a short video from the Wall Street Journal does a great job of explaining how we got to this point.

What is CargoTuff doing about this?

At CargoTuff our #1 priority has always been and will always be to take care of our customers first and foremost. We will continue to strive to provide uninterrupted delivery of our high-quality products, so that our customers can keep their supply chains running. With more than 50 different items in stock and long shipping times to get our finished products from our factory to our regional warehouses, managing this has become even a greater challenge under the current circumstances.

Since December our industry has also seen unprecedented increases in raw material costs. Once again, the fact that CargoTuff is the only vertically integrated manufacturer in our industry, has left us in a favorable position. Even though we were also exposed to increased raw material costs, we have not experienced any shortages on the supply side of our business as we continue to manufacture our own fabrics and liners. In fact, all our production lines are currently running at full capacity and we continue to maintain a significant supply of raw materials to ensure ongoing production.

Innovation comes in many forms:

Chasing perfection in an effort to catch excellence:

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