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4Trans by Cargo Tuff

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

In the past few months, we have continued to improve our products as well as our services, and we are back with another exciting development! This month, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new and unique product, 4Trans dunnage bag. Branded as “4Trans” for the four (4) modes of transportation (OTR Truck, Intermodal, Vessel & Rail), it is the optimal solution for load securement. We are eager to inform you about its features and benefits.

4Trans by Cargo Tuff is an international, independently certified dunnage bag designed for side to side cargo securement and void filler applications in truck, container, rail and ocean transport.

As with all Cargo Tuff dunnage bags, we start with a virgin resin and then extrude, weave and laminate our fabric in house before manufacturing the bags under the highest quality standards in our industry (ISO certified). Each bag is fitted with our standard spring-loaded filling valve which allows for rapid inflation and deflation. Our complete extensive line of inflation tools is compatible with these bags, making installation easy. All bags can be reused.

Key Capabilities:

  • Economic

  • 4Trans is the most economical airbag on the market.

  • Innovative

  • We reengineered our fabric to be lighter but stronger than other fabrics.

  • Independently Certified

  • Independently certified for cargo securement and void filler applications in lateral voids to secure pallets of product that weigh up to 2,400lbs.

  • Applicable to all modes of transportation

  • 4Trans can be used in the correct application of shipments via OTR truck, intermodal, vessel or rail.

We look forward to informing you about upcoming developments!

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