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Quality and Innovation at the Core of Our Business

CargoTuff is the only vertically integrated dunnage bag manufacturer in the industry, which differentiates us from our competitors. We have full control on quality of the materials we manufacture. We wanted to provide an inside look at CargoTuff’s manufacturing and quality control process. We hope you enjoy reading!

We Are Committed To Consistently Outperforming Industry Standards

As the only vertically integrated dunnage bag manufacturer, we can control the quality of the yarn that is used to produce our fabric and the liner that holds the air of our dunnage bags. We do all of this under one roof in our 140,000 square foot factory. From our polypropylene (PP) tape extrusion to circular weaving looms, a coating line, polyethylene (PE) co-extrusion lines and printing.

Our mission is to create value for our customers by generating savings through reduced claims, increased efficiency and enhanced safety. We accomplish this by continuously providing innovative solutions, high quality products, industry expertise and hands on technical support.

Our Quality Control Standards Are Extremely Stringent

To meet the highest quality possible, we strictly follow the “Cargo Tuff Dunnage Bag Quality Plan” which includes all quality control steps, control and test methods, control frequencies, testing equipment, acceptable limits, quality records etc. Our quality control process starts with the incoming quality control of raw materials and semi-finished products used in production and ends with the control of the packaging and shipment process.

We comply with all industry standards and regulations as determined by independent third parties to meet or exceed the 19-day leak tests, minimum burst levels, and recommended applications.

To achieve consistent quality level, we apply the following control frequencies for the finished bags:

1. Rapid Leakage Tests (In-Process Control)

7% for Dually

10% for Square

10% for 4Trans for both front valve (FV) and side valve (SV)

3% for Level 1 front valve (FV) and 10% for side valve (SV)

30% for Level 2

100% for Level 3

100% for Level 4

100% for Level 5

We test and control the quality of our heavyweight dunnage airbags as 100% in Level 3 through Level 5.

2. 19 days Leakage Verification Tests (AAR)

19 days leakage verification tests are performed monthly. Each month a different Level is verified by sampling 2 bags from the running production.

3. Bursting Tests

One sample bag is burst at the beginning of each production order.

Burst pressure performances of our bags are considerably higher on a consistent basis, than the requirements as shown below:

LEVEL AAR Requirement (PSI) Average Test Results of 2020&2021 YTD

Level 1 8 9,64

Level 2 17 19,03

Level 3 25 28,18

Level 4 30 33,28

Level 5 21 26,75

All operational and supporting processes are closely managed. Their performances are measured in accordance with the ISO: 90001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Standard. All our products are 100% compliant with the intended standards.

CargoTuff has AAR verification on all the traditional Level 1 through 5 dunnage airbags, including the Square Bag and our new Dually Bag. Click here to view the AAR verifications on our dunnage bags. 4Trans is independently and internationally certified by DEKRA.

We Invest Heavily in Research and Development

CargoTuff is committed to continuous product development and innovation. We collaborate closely with our distributors and customers to explore and evaluate new opportunities and techniques. We are a team of forward-thinking individuals, in touch with our customers and the industry and well-informed about upcoming technologies.

It is crucial for us to offer truly unique, stand-out products. By investing heavily in research and development and utilizing our state-of-the-art factory, we are quick to market with new products and able to rapidly develop custom solutions to fit specific demands or applications.

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