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Gender Balance Has Always Been a Priority for Us

At CargoTuff, we aim to cultivate an engaging and inclusive environment. We are committed to creating a workplace that builds strength from our differences, promotes gender balance at all levels in the organization and generates equal opportunity for all staff. We wanted to provide a glimpse into our culture. You will hear from Nafia, one of our amazing production managers in Amasya, Turkey.

Employee Spotlight: Nafia Polatoglu

We believe that diversity helps us reach for new solutions and innovations. Gender balance has always been a priority for us and we focus on increasing the number of women at all levels in our organization. We know that improving gender balance leads to better decision-making, stronger innovation, and higher employee satisfaction.

We would like to introduce Nafia Polatoglu. She is the responsible for leading our production in the confection department in our manufacturing organization in Amasya, Turkey. As a woman leader at CargoTuff, she told us about her background, current role in the company, challenges and motivations. What makes working at CargoTuff so fulfilling? Hear it from Nafia.

Can you tell us about your background?

I graduated from Mersin Icel High School in 2009 as the top of the class. In 2014, I graduated from Pamukkale University with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering. In 2021, I completed my non-thesis master’s degree in Technology and Innovation Management. Currently, I am working towards my thesis in Technology and Innovation Management from Amasya University. Before joining CargoTuff, I gained management experience in a nail manufacturing factory. I joined CargoTuff in March 2019 and I’ve been working as the production lead in the confection plant.

What is your role in CargoTuff?

I am responsible for planning the production lines, semi-finished product production and cutting machines in the confection plant. I am responsible for the management and administration of all personnel in this department.

3 adjectives that describe you

Inquisitive, lover of books, always eager to learn new things.

Can you summarize CargoTuff in 3 words?

Innovative, supportive and determined.

What was your favorite project to work on at CargoTuff?

In 2021, our HR Lead Mustafa initiated a problem-solving project throughout the company. I prepared a presentation and gave training to groups on subjects like: How to solve a problem? What is a root-cause analysis and how is it done? What is a project? I am still playing an active role in training of employees. This was the project that I enjoyed the most.

What motivates you the most at CargoTuff?

Working with personnel has both challenging and fun aspects but it makes my job so enjoyable. Another motivation of mine is accomplishing my tasks in a timely manner. It gives me great joy to achieve success in projects by taking quick action.

We would like to thank Nafia for her dedication and teamwork in making CargoTuff a great place to work.

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