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Our Recent Advancements

At CargoTuff, customer service and operational excellence are at the core of our business. We wanted to update you on our recent advancements. We will share with you how we have been managing recent global supply chain challenges, our commitment to sustainability and the feedback we received from our customers on CargoTuff Load Manager mobile application. Thank you for reading!

How We Deal with Global Supply Chain Challenges

As lockdowns have lifted and demand has increased rapidly, supply chains globally are facing challenges and are struggling to bounce back. From manufacturers to suppliers and distributors, disruptions are all over the map and our industry is greatly affected by these challenges. We are facing container and vessel shortages and astronomical rate increases.

At CargoTuff, we are actively using alternative methods to overcome these supply chain challenges to prevent delays. Our #1 priority has always been and will always be to take care of our customers first and foremost. We can proudly say that we managed to deliver to all our customers in these difficult times. We have not experienced any shortages on the supply side of our business either, as we manufacture our own fabrics and liners. In fact, all our production lines are currently running at full capacity, and we continue to maintain a significant supply of raw materials to ensure ongoing production. We will continue to strive to provide uninterrupted delivery of our high-quality products, so that our customers can keep their supply chains running.

Sustainability Will Continue to Be Our Priority in 2022

At CargoTuff, sustainability is at the core of our strategy. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our products throughout our operations, beginning with product development and ending with recycling and recovery of used materials and products. Our company’s deep commitment to sustainability influences the business decisions we make, how we treat people, and the ways in which we create value for our customers and partners.

Last month we announced the launch of our new mobile app, Load Manager, which will assist our customers in managing their recycle and reuse processes. 2022 will be an exciting year for us as we bring our customers even more innovative ways to protect the environment.

GO GREEN with CargoTuff!

Our Customers Love CargoTuff Load Manager App!

We were humbled by the positive response we received from our customers in the first month of our launch. After working on the development of the app for several months, it was great to see it pay off and our customers informing us that the app is a “breakthrough in our industry” and “improving the way they do business”.

Customers are also sharing their usage experiences with us and ways we can advance the application to better suit their shipment operations. We are taking all the feedback seriously and are constantly looking for ways to improve the app. An update that will be ready in 30 days, which will enhance the user experience and add more collaboration possibilities. Please reach out to us if you have any suggestions.

If you haven’t downloaded CargoTuff Load Manager, you can click here for AppStore and here for Google Play.

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