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Introducing Dually Bag, the ultimate replacement for square bags

The traditional square bag, which has been an industry standard and widely used in large void applications has always had several short comings. Our team has been working extremely to find a solution to these short comings and offer a better product to our customers and partners. We are finally ready to announce the launch of our new Dually Bag. We hope you are as excited as we are!

The Dually Bag is the ultimate replacement for square bags. This bag was designed to be used as a lateral void filler in voids up to 24” wide. It has been verified by the AAR for method F-7 applications.

Below are the user benefits vs square bag:

  • Safety - 60% higher burst pressure

  • Provides more load force to create a true bulkhead

  • Substantial cost savings

  • Lighter and easier to handle than a square bag

  • Fills quickly with dual inflation system or traditional single hose

  • Gauge allows for accurate pressure measurement

  • Increase in pallet quantities = lower freight costs and storage

  • Can be reused on over the road shipments

We are extremely proud of this new bag that will further help our customers save money, increase safety and efficiency while making sure their cargo arrives in perfect condition.

Please contact us for more information.

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