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CargoTuff gives you the power to create your own product

Our Production Capabilities

In 2014, our group launched a company with manufacturing interests in Industrial Packaging and Damage Prevention products. Today, our manufacturing operation, Atlas Dunnage employs over 300 people. We have the capacity to produce over 11 million dunnage bags per year and we do all of this under one roof in our 140,000 square foot factory.

As the only vertically integrated dunnage bag manufacturer, we control the quality of the yarn that is used to produce our fabric and the liner that holds the air of our dunnage bags. From our polypropylene (PP) tape extrusion to circular weaving looms, a coating line, polyethylene (PE) co-extrusion lines and printing. This gives us full control on the quality of the materials we manufacture and the flexibility to get creative when introducing new solutions into the market.

Custom Solutions by CargoTuff

Let your imagination run wild. CargoTuff gives you the power to create your own product and the opportunity to set you apart from competition. We’ll bring your product concept to life exactly the way you envisioned it! Our experienced team of experts can help turn your ideas into high-quality products that enhance your company’s reputation. Whether you need to fill it with air, liquid or just have something fabricated in flat stock, we'll find a product or solution that fits your timeframe and budget. Our custom solutions have solved countless problems over the years.

Some examples include:

- Dust covers and cavity seals

- Large custom square bags

- Inflatable cargo securement restraint

- Permanently installed, full truck length dunnage bags that retract to the wall

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every customer we work with experiences excellence. To ensure that our products precisely match your expectations, a pre-production sample or model is sent out for approval before production even begins.

Reach out to us to discuss your challenge so that together we can create your solution.

Behind the Scenes: Nurettin Gungor

Meet Nurettin Gungor, Quality and R&D Director at Atlas Dunnage, our manufacturing organization. He has been a part of our organization for the past 24 years and has +30 years of combined experience in Quality management systems and R&D.

Nurettin is responsible for directing and overseeing all our product and process innovations as well as managing all QC functions, working with cross-departmental leadership to deliver high quality products on schedule. He ensures that all our production operations, from raw materials to finished products, meet the quality, integrity, and efficiency standards set by CargoTuff.

He works on continuously improving our products and operations, developing new products and making production processes more efficient. You come across all his hard work as the innovative products we introduce to the market.

Click here if you’d like to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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