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Introducing Auto Inflator by CargoTuff

Innovation is what separates CargoTuff from the rest. This month, we are back with a new product, the Auto Inflator. This is our latest patent pending innovation and we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve been working on. Thank you for reading.

Introducing the Auto Inflator by CargoTuff

The new Auto Inflator, is the latest patent pending innovation by CargoTuff. This device is specifically designed for use with heavyweight dunnage bags that require a high operating pressure. Over the past two years our development team has been working hard at fine-tuning this new tool. The primary objective of the Auto Inflator is to provide a safer alternative, to automatically fill dunnage bags with minimal operator assistance to a preset required internal bag pressure on a consistent basis. The Auto-Inflator will increase productivity and safety while ensuring that your loads remain in compliance with industry standards. Below you’ll find more detailed information on how your operations can benefit from the Auto Inflator.


· Frees the operator up to prep the next load while the bags are inflating.

· Eliminates risk of injury or damage to cargo due to over inflation.

· A simple and clear user interface allows for easy pressure selection and operation.

· Powered by a high-capacity lithium battery that requires minimal recharging.

· Powerful magnets allow for the unit to be attached to any metal surface.

· An emergency shut off allows for the system to be turned off instantly.

Please reach out to use if you’d like to receive more information. We’ll gladly walk you through on how your organization can leverage the new Auto Inflator.

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