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Cargo Tuff is the leading manufacturer of woven polypropylene dunnage airbags and other load securement products. With over 30 years of experience in extruding, weaving and manufacturing, combined with an experienced, technical sales team we are able to provide the best products and solutions at a very competitive cost. Compliance and sustainability are the drivers behind our innovation and constant improvement. 

Dunnage air bags


We manufacture the highest quality woven polypropylene dunnage airbags and other innovative load securement solutions. 

Cargo Tuff provides a complete selection of load securement products to help you preserve your good reputation by having your loads arrive in perfect condition. Whether by truck, container, rail or vessel, we have the most innovative cargo solutions to help you save money. Our business is built on integrity and we pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver the highest quality products on a consistent basis. Integrity, Quality, Compliance and Sustainability are the cornerstones of our company. 

Below are our core product categories. Please click on any image or button for further information. 

dunnage air bag
Container Lashings by
Custom full length installed dunnage air bags by


Find out more about our business, our people and our efforts to continuously improve ourselves. 

We offer a broad range of customized services to  provide you with operational excellence.

We have the products and experience to meet your unique needs in all transportation modes.


Our focus on sustainability is both internal and external



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