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New Cargo Tuff Portable Air Master (PAM)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

PAM Gen 2 Portable Inflation Unit by Cargo Tuff.

Cargo Tuff is launching it's new patented PAM Gen 2 portable inflation unit in January 2018. After enjoying tremendous success with the first generation PAM over the past two years, the company has invested in a new design and tooling for this next generation PAM unit.

The new unit features several improvements which will improve user handling, speed and performance. PAM Gen 2 portable inflation unit will have stronger fiber reinforced housing, a more powerful motor, hose with screw-on connections, two 6600mAh batteries, a charger and a centered shoulder strap.

Just as with the original units, they all come with a quick connect attachment to the Cargo Tuff inflation valves and also allow for deflation to facilitate reuse in support of the companies efforts to drive sustainability.

Cargo Tuff is extremely proud of this new device that will further help their customers save money on acquiring, installing, running and maintaining costly compressed air systems and also allow customers to utilize dunnage bags in more applications, making sure their cargo arrives in perfect condition.

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